How Our Furniture is Made

Our Construction Methods

Frame – The internal frame is made from 9-ply hardwood laminate and cut on a CNC router. Frame joints are secured three ways – with glue, industrial staples and the unique “puzzle “ fit of each joint. All this insures structural integrity and exceeds industry standards. In addition, the design and production of this frame style allows more flexibility in terms of customizing a frame to meet a specific need.

Seating system – The hallmark of fine upholstery construction is an 8-way hand-tied seating system. Heat-tempered U.S. steel cylindrical coils are hand-set and individually tied with 8 knots to form a seating platform with unequal quality and comfort. It takes a true artisan to build a seating system that last a lifetime.

Cushions – Cushions are made from a high density foam core (using no harmful environmental agents), wrapped in a generous layer of Dacron and encased in a ticking cover, channeled and filled with conjugate fiber- then put in a zippered leather or fabric case. This provides the consumer with a comfortable, long lasting, seat that keeps its shape for years to come. You may chose how firm or soft you would like your cushion.

Back cushions – Back cushions are filled with hand cut fibers in a channeled low melt fiber back, inserted in a zippered leather (or fabric) cover. This allows for the complete comfort in the seating system and a look that keeps its shape.


8-way Hand Tying

Our standard seating construction consists of U.S. heat-tempered steel coils, individually hand-set in each style, featuring a true 8-way hand yied seating system. This yields the finest seating construction in the industry.

  • U.S. Heat-tempered Steel is used for the individual coil springs
  • Coils are hand placed atop steel cross-bands for durability and comfort
  • 8-way hand-tying yields the highest comfort level in upholstery
  • Higher labor costs combined with lower material costs

This hallmark of fine upholstery stabilizes the coil springs and causes the entire spring set to work in unison.





We Make Our Own Cushions

At Classic Leather, we manufacture our own cushions. We have put many years of research and experience into our cushion construction. This gives us the confidence to ensure our customers they are receiving the highest quality seating at the best value. The level of comfort we build into our cushions is unsurpassed in our industry. Manufacturing our cushions also allows us the ability to offer you a variety of cushion options, as well as custom seating that will fulfill any customer’s needs. Each cushion is specially designed for a specific piece and not all cushion options are interchangeable. If your customer needs softer or firmer seating, we are happy to accommodate their request, at no additional charge. Please review the information below and/or let your customer service representative assist you in selecting the best possible cushion choice for your customer.

Basic make up of the cushion
• At the core of every cushion is a piece of high resiliency polyurethane foam that provides durability, support and comfort.
• The option of a Marshall coil spring unit is available on all cushion styles. Inserted into the cushion core, it creates a solid “ride” and more support (good for high use, seniors, and heavier people).
• The cushion is wrapped in soft polyester fiber, which provides additional comfort.
• The wrapped cushion is then inserted into a channeled down proof cover that has been filled and blown with polyester fiber, providing even more comfort and look.

Down Blend Option
A cushion that includes down will provide more plush seating. The construction is the same as above, except that the channeled down-proof cover is filled with 90% waterfowl duck and 10% polyester fiber blend. Most of the styles we offer have a down blend option.

Down options are available on most of the styles we offer. Please refer to your price list under each style for more information.

You may add firmness to any cushion by simply requesting “firmer” on your order form. We will put a firmer cushion core in any of the above styles.

Remember, fabric upholstered furniture will sit differently from leather. Leather upholstered furniture will always have a firmer seat. A fabric cushion has the filling in the top and bottom of cover, and is reversible. Leather cushions have filling in the top only (the “crown”). They are flat on the bottom and are not reversible.

Back cushions
Like the seat cushions, all backs are constructed according to the style of the piece. Some backs will require hand tied coiled springs or Marshall Coil spring units (referred to as “tight backs”). Other styles will have bustle, semi- attached, or padded backs. All are hand constructed by our craftsmen to ensure a level of comfort that will meet or exceed the demands of our customers. Our people hand cut, fill, weigh and sew generous amounts of fiber into channeled bags, which are then inserted into zippered casings. All of this attention to detail results in the most comfortable and durable
seat possible!