Mechanics of Classic Motion


Classic High-Leg and Low-Leg recliners are equipped with a heavy gauge steel recliner mechanism.  Capable of three positions, this unit allows for full reclining.  The tuck under the ottoman extends for full leg extension and gives excellent footrest pitch and support while in the TV position.  No handles or cables are involved in the unit operation.  Gentle pressure on the arms and the shifting of body weight engage the mechanism.  Designed with a weight assisted mechanism, the unit will stop in any position chosen.  Shifting body weight forward while pulling in with the feet brings the unit to the upright position and locks the footrest securely in the closed position.  This recliner style does require additional space for the reclining operation.


Classic’s Recliner mechanism is constructed of high quality heavy gauge steel.  Tested for 30,000 cycles, each unit’s smoothness and longevity is assured with the use of total bushing hardware and solid shoulder rivets.  Radial orbital riveting maintains unit consistency and alignment.  This all linkage mechanism has no tracks or rollers to wear out.  The smooth cable driven release provides problem free reclining comfort.  Your RCL mechanism is a “close proximity” unit allowing the user to place the chair no more than 4 to 8 inches from the wall, depending upon back height, while allowing for a full recline.


The multi-functional Swivel Glider Recliner’s motion mechanism is supported by a heavy duty tubular steel ring base, and allows this chair to swivel securely 360 degrees.  In the upright position, the glider assembly provides smoother glide rocking motion, with wide spaced pivot points for level gliding action.  As the footrest is released, the glide-rock movement is eliminated and the chair becomes a recliner.  The unit provides excellent ottoman elevation and extension in both the TV and full recline positions.  A double-locking direct drive linkage system prevents footrest drop.  This mechanism is cable driven and has a release switch located on the outside arm of each unit.


Simple and effective describe this popular heavy gauge steel mechanism with only two moving parts.  A gas cylinder provides pressure allowing the back to be stopped in any position while going to a full recline or returning to an upright position.  Traditional and contemporary chairs use this mechanism which allows a full back reline only.  All TBC mechanisms are cable operated and controlled by a toggle unit located
on the outside arm of the chair.


This unique development in motion furniture mechanisms offers unparalleled operating ease.  Just as the name implies, “press-back” and you go from a sitting to a reclining position- no buttons or handles to move or adjust.  Controlled by back pressure, you can stop and recline in any position desired.  An additional feature is the ability to adjust the tension from soft to firmer back pressure simply by adjusting a knob found in the bottom of the chair.  Smooth operation and durability are insured by the fact that there is no metal to metal contact.  The press-back chair does require additional wall-space for the reclining positions.


Classic’s Incliner mechanism is a direct drive unit which synchronizes operation of both sides.  a double-lock system holds the ottoman securely while in the open position.  A parallel 4-bar ottoman and safety ottoman brackets insure safe operation and added stability.  A cable release, weight assisted operation provides smooth, easy opening and closing.


Our SLP sofa mechanism is the result of exhaustive study of customer’s needs.  Comfort is foremost, but appearance is also a priority.  Safety, durability, strength and value complete the long list of consumer interests.  Classic Leather provides these benefits in its SLP mechanism.  The sleeping surface is supported by a torsion-suspended crosswire system.  Our mechanism is equipped with a dual-lock TV headrest.  A new “bed secure” feature eliminates the fear of tilting the unit while in the open position.  Each unit is tested for 30,000 cycles.

Supplying the comfort in your SLP sofa is the Classic Sleep Mattress designed exclusively for Classic Leather.  This extra length, high quality mattress offers luxurious, deep sleeping comfort.  The large 60 x 76” sleeping surface is supported by 312 heat tempered 131/2” gauge coil springs.  Both sides of the mattress are covered with a heavy synthetic bonded fiber pad for insulation.  This resilient pad is hypo-allergenic, mildew resistant and undergirded with a 5/8” high density foam pad.  A 3/4” layer of softer urethane quality foam is multi-needle quilted to the sturdy 100 end woven “Gemstone” damask ticking of the mattress sleep surface.

Caring for your furniture:

RCL & INC – Caution should always be used when moving recliners and incliners.  In the event a piece is dropped, the result could be a warped or bent mechanism.   Even a slight bend could cause improper function of the mechanism.  Someone should be on either side of the piece to lift and move.  Do not pick up from the front or the back to avoid doing harm to the ottoman joints.

SLP Sofas – Sleepers weigh between 250 and 275 pounds so caution should always be used when attempting to move a piece.  Dropping the sleeper could result in damage to the mechanism.  Always remember to remove the bedding from the mattress and to disengage the TV headrest before closing to avoid damage to the mechanism or bedding.

All Mechanisms:

  • Always close mechanisms with care.
  • Never force a mechanism to close or open as doing so can permanently bend the linkages.
  • If you experience difficulty in closing a mechanism, look for possible obstructions before attempting to close.

Air Dream Matress Option:

Our optional Air Dream Mattress adds an additional element of comfort to our sleeper sofas.  It uses a new technology of Air Over Coil (patent pending) to provide a bed with comfort and support that rivals that of premium mattresses.

The Air Dream Mattress inflates in just 45 seconds with the convenient hand held electric pump and can be deflated in less than 30 seconds.

It provides the same appearance, dimensions and level of comfort as a standard luxury mattress and accommodates standard queen sized bed linens.