The Quality of Coziness & Contentment

What is your favorite thing to do over the holidays? Instant favorites like outdoor excursions with family and friends always come to mind. Or, if you’re like me, you also enjoy hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”), a Danish term for a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality. Hygge provides you with the creature comforts of warm blankets, fuzzy socks and candles over a comfy sofa with friends and family.

1967 ed. Classic Leather Upholstery Mailer

In the 50+ years Classic Leather has been in business, you could say we have dedicated ourselves to being an integral contributor to the hygge concept on behalf of our consumers. We design and build furniture rich in history, technique and quality comfort.

Since 1966, when Thomas H. Shores Sr. founded Classic Leather Inc., the company has remained a local family owned and operated business serving Americans and the world. Beginning with a modest 14 styles, the product offering has expanded to include a variety of groups, sectionals, occasional chairs and motion pieces.


Larsen Sofa (58-3/3-WT)


Through design and development, Classic Leather introduced its first “Options” furniture category in 2010. The “Options” category (later known as Classic Design) was developed with the idea that every customer’s individual needs would be met. From loft apartments to grand homes, Classic Design is every customer’s tool to build furniture fitting their exact tastes.

The Larsen, one of six groups comprising Classic Design today, has been our best selling sofa for the last five years. When the Larsen was first built, it took 28 skilled craftspeople to complete the production of one sofa. Today, a Larsen sofa still requires 28 pairs of hands to build because there is no replacement for craftsmanship.



Genuine workmanship provokes an authenticity which cannot be duplicated by machine. Dating back to the 1850s, the skill of 8-way hand-tied construction in furniture has been the golden standard for high-end furniture. Throughout the life of Classic Leather, true “8-Way” continues to be the standard in all regular line Classic Leather and Classic Design furniture.

In the furniture market today, it is hard to compete with ever-changing style trends. However, the advancement of technology will never change quality. It is our truest desire to share and celebrate with you, the heritage and skilled craftsmanship of American-made furniture…and hygge!