40 Years Or More

Who can say their furniture will last 40 years or more?


To explain this query, I’d like to take you back to 1961 in the life of Alice Urban. Recently graduated from university, Alice entered the military as a newly commissioned officer.


Alice’s first assignment as a registered nurse sent her to K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base in the beautiful upper peninsula of Michigan. Dating back to the 1930’s as a civilian airport, the base sometimes referred to as “K.I. Siberia” was not only a successful contributor to the United States’ prevention and monitoring of invasion attempts by the Soviets, but also home to a plethora of enjoyable outdoor recreations. The contributions of the service men and women at this base lead to their referral as the “Guardians of the North”.


It was there in 1961, where Alice met her future husband Gil. Both officers, Gil worked as the base optometrist while Alice worked as an outpatient RN in the base hospital. Two years later in 1963, Alice and Gil married (she only 23, and he 25). During their service in Michigan, they made longtime friends with military colleagues in addition to some of the wonderful locals who continue to be friends today.


Although Alice was originally from Pennsylvania, when Alice and Gil were discharged, they moved back to Gil’s hometown of Jamestown, ND. Gil set up a private practice and Alice worked as an RN at the local Human Services Center.


For the first several years of their new life in North Dakota, Alice and Gil lived in an apartment. Together, they believed in purchasing products of quality as they could afford to do. Even though they had not yet purchased a house, Alice and Gil first invested in a few pieces from the Drexel furniture company (originally manufactured in North Carolina).


By 1971, Alice and Gil had purchased their forever home. Now, more than before, they began to contemplate the replacement of a cloth sofa which had served them so well. By Christmas time, the couple decided to travel over 100 miles east to the Plunkett’s Furniture showroom in Moorhead, MN.


“…we saw this fabulous looking little red pillow back loveseat perched all by itself on a little landing type area with a large red bow on it and with a small lit Christmas tree beside it. We knew we had to have it and my husband purchased it on the spot! I’ll never forget the look on his face!”


At the same time, Alice and Gil purchased a couple more items for their home. A black leather Director’s chair for Alice to use at her computer, and a long brown leather sofa for their living room. Their new, treasured red loveseat originally placed in the home office eventually moved to the living room.


“These Classic Leather sofas have taken tons of wear all these years with nephews and nieces and now grand nephews and nieces, all other family and friends and of course, our fur babies! My husband said his naps on our brown sofa were far more restful than a night sleeping in our bed. I believe on could park a car on their sturdy frames!”


According to Alice, just wiping down their furniture occasionally with a soft damp cloth makes the furniture look like new. While few things are immune to the effects of time, “it is certainly wise to purchase quality from day one as one can afford because you can use and enjoy the same for many years!”


As a family owned and operated business born in North Carolina, Classic Leather aims to build the best quality furniture for your home. We hope you will enjoy your furniture and the memories made around it.


Now 81, Alice Urban has maintained her original furniture, replacing the cushions twice. In the 49 years of ownership Alice, Gil and their lovely companions Shiko, Samantha, Helsa and Raika have enjoyed true love and comfort.