Does anyone truly grasp the power of social? We are learning every day! The opportunity to share our story and what drives us to build quality, American furniture is at the very core of Classic Leather.


Because of social, every so-often we are shared a story of furniture that has lasted not only decades, but also big life moments, families, and pets to name a few. Each story received is an affirmation of our daily goals.


When April of @barnhomeliving approached us in our Instagram DMs, we became inspired by her creative, barn-home style and how the Classic Leather 6926-SWL Sheala Chair was a perfect fit for her unique barn-home aesthetic.


Together, we are sharing with you what our Classic Leather furniture is made of. We hope to see these chairs well worn in, over the coming years!

Film Produced by Aryn Leach, Marketing & Design, Classic Leather, Inc.  |  Photography by Kirsten Getz, @kirstengetzphotography

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